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That makes internet shortcuts! (in facts short address) Example : has a length of 48 characters and resulted in the following TinyURL which has a length of 24 characters:

TinyURL is a url shortening service provider. The website is useful for people who often share links on Twitter where they can't post long urls due to character space limits. TinyURL has a simple design that looks a little too old. The website needs a little uplift. The website also lacks many services that other url shortening service providers are offering such as statistics and API to integrate into other web apps.

tinyurl is very good to use, . The wiki links were two or three lines long. TinyURL has reduced these perfectly, thanks for this tinyurl

Tiny URL is great - when it actually works, that is.  Granted, it's a free service (I try not to get too whiney about stuff that's free), but when the whole purpose of the service is to do one thing and it seems to be unable to do that one thing at least a third of the time, then it becomes more of an annoyance than a help.I find it particularly annoying that Twitter automatically turns most links into Tiny URL links, which often don't even work. Then there will be a multitude of "tweets" about the link not working and then another multitude of "tweets" when a working link is finally created. See where I'm going with this?There are plenty of other services that shorten links and seem to work better - I like

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@ 2009-05-14

Amateur Match - - My Photo Used In False Advertising Internet

@ 2005-10-04

Ameriquest Mortgage, Former Employee Has Seen All The Bad That Has Happened! fraud, abuse, lies, rip off, over valued, mis treated Mather California

@ 2008-11-20

Auth Media - - AuthMediaFreeReport - freecreditreports360 - Vertrue Inc.Auth Media - Vertrue Fake Job Interview Process Omaha Nebraska

@ 2009-06-12

Best Buy Geek Squad Breach of Contract by Virtue of Misdiagnosis and Failure to Provide Adequate Information to Allow the Customer to Make an Informed Decision Mesa Nationwide

@ 2009-07-16 Company filed for Chapter 11 after 1 month of business Mesa Arizona

@ 2006-07-24

Copeland Marketing Corporation RipOff - High time to organize: let's start a class action lawsuit DAYTONA BEACH FLORIDA

@ 2007-06-15

Dominion Towing Illegal towing scam ripoff Merrifield Virginia

@ 2007-08-10

Ed Hartwell Rip Off, Scam, Fraud, Liar Plano Texas Internet

@ 2005-10-25

Email Discount Network - - Integretal - ripoff fraudulent billing Internet

@ 2009-04-01

Employed Online - Online Jobs Galore Misrepresentation, possible/probable scam . .Internet

@ 2003-06-11 ripoff fraud Business owner is known internet scam artist, spam - mailer, and much more including telephone harrassment, criminal behavior San Antonio Texas

@ 2009-07-28

Global Domain International - Tissa Godavitarne - GDI is a SCAM...BE CAREFUL Pyramid scheme Carlsbad California

@ 2004-12-10

JMW Financial To all that have been ripped off by JWM Finacial please read this Location Mesa Arizona

@ 2008-10-24

JTS Marketing, 1DataGroup, DataGroup Marketing Job Opportunity on Craig's List is the start of a misleading, fraudulent advertisement Internet Internet

@ 2008-09-18

Lawrence Hartwell Racies & The Hartwell Group This guy posed as a contractor, came to my house, ripped me off and then sued ME!!! Deltona Florida

@ 2008-05-16

Marks Enterprises Ripped me of Torrance, California Internet

@ 2009-07-02 webcam scam Miami Florida Internet

@ 2007-07-24

Network Omni, Omni Lingual Services "Cultural sensitivity training" provider's HR rep dresses as blackface pimp at company party! Westlake Village California

@ 2008-07-13

New Subscription Service NSS Magazine Service Center Fraud, Postal Fraud, Unethical busness practice New York New York

@ 2007-09-11

Nick Marks & Sebastian Foss Support@rapdriches.comNick Marks & Sebast

@ 2003-08-16

Paid Response Company re-launches under new owner, then closes my account for irregularities! Internet Internet

@ 2006-09-18

PE Lab, Pure Energy Labs, Pure Energy Prod. ripoff...charged me $149.95 for pills I didn't way to call them & they don't answer e-mails Oklahoma Oklahoma

@ 2008-07-09

PETICURE Defective Grooming Product Dallas Texas

@ 2008-09-11

Placement Today Placement Today, who are you? Elocal? Placement Power? Tell me! Irvine California

@ 2008-09-12

Precision Auto Body, I.A.G. Sales And Leasing, Investors Alliance Group Dealer Referred Body Shop that Provides Poor Customer Service and Uses Fraudulent Practices. Reseda California

@ 2007-08-05

Sebastian Foss, Nick Marks, & Mark Warren I was promissed to make $75-$250/day in my first 15 min. they personally guarantee these things or a 100% refund ! On-line Based Internet

@ 2008-03-04

Shoreline Systems - Kirby Shady Recruting and Sales Tequniques Westminster Colorado

@ 2009-02-10

TBQ Consulting/ "Jennifer Henderson" SCAM ARTIST. Applied for job on, sent e-mail confirmation asking me to submit my credit score. I Ran A Search In Redding, But This Type Of "job" May Be Listed Elsewhere, Or Everywhere. Internet

@ 2007-03-25

Tigeractive this person tried to rip me off on shipping amounts Internet Minnesota

@ 2009-08-06

Tissa Godavitarne Acme-people-search Affiliatize extortion, lies, fraud, coerce, mislead, abuse, ripoff, deceptive, sneaky, scam, ponzi, pyramid Herndon Virginia

@ 2002-04-09

TOM GILL CHEVROLET rip off scam con artists Florence, Kentucky

@ 2008-12-19 Aka Tom Harnish This company posts negative remarks about other companies that they know nothing about, thereby ruining other peoples source of income. Carlsbad California

@ 2009-07-25

United Law Group Sean Alan Rutledge - Victimized By Predatory Loan Modification Attorney Loan Modification on a Foreclosure NOTHING DONE Just $4,000 retainer Irvine California

@ 2008-04-21 AKA False advertising, bait and switch Internet

@ 2009-03-09

Weekenders Furniture, Anthony Tringale, Joshua Tice, Typical bait & switch RIPOFF! Mattress scam. We were promised a Simmons Beautyrest set and they delivered a cheap bra set which looked used. Sndellers are scam artists! Extremely rude and abusive! East

13 Doctors in Southern CA and growing @ 2014-10-01

Skycare, Skycare EHR, Platinum, Platinum MD Incomplete EHR Solution represented as a complete EHR Product. No Billing here... Santa Ana California

A S. @ 1969-12-31

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Aitchy @ 1969-12-31

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alirafiaie @ 1969-12-31

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Andy Bealsi @ 2013-01-08

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anonymous @ 2015-09-26

Channel 56 PBS Riley broadcasting and PBS just wants your donation to increase personal wealth. Wixom Michigan

ARUN SINGH RAWAT @ 1969-12-31

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Ayodele Adesina @ 1969-12-31

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Bazooka Bob @ 1969-12-31

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Bette @ 2014-02-28

Mike Erwin, J. Max Kirishima, Rand Chortkoff, Steve Canino dba Blue Hill Avenue aka Cahoots; Sam Braslau Partial Justice - Indictments in Movie Scam - Rand Chortkoff & Sam Braslau Jacksonville Oregon

blue18 @ 2013-07-27

Joaquin Maldonado / Entrepreneurial Profits Inc. / Boricua Beware Joaquin Maldonado on the Warrior Forum (username there is Boricua) and on sites. He is a conman! Bayamon Puerto Rico

Bob @ 2011-12-30

Bartels Media GmbH Gunnar Bartels, MaxiVista, MultiMouse, ShareMouse, PhraseExpress Refusal To Assist, Refusal To Provide Relevant Information, Poor Customer Service, Insulting Potential Customers Trier, Other

Brett James @ 1969-12-31

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britesun @ 1969-12-31

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Bubba @ 2014-01-21

Attention Marketing Inc. Nautical Mile Inc.Jon Miller Louie Frias scam fraud deception Flint Michigan

Burntinoz @ 2012-01-26

Winmour Forex Trading & Daniel Seymour Daniel Seymour, Winmour, WFX, Forex Trading Software, Gold Coast Australia Winmour Forex Trading Software Scam Cost Me $5000.00 Gold Coast, Australia

Bylco @ 2014-08-29

Americorp Enterprises INC. Nick Rescinti and Camillo Rescinit Do not Invest with Americorp. They will not give you your money back! Toronto Ontario

CARA SIMRELL @ 1969-12-31

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chaddy_9 @ 1969-12-31

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Charles E. Forshee @ 1969-12-31

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chris @ 1969-12-31

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Churchill @ 2015-05-07

Katherine Krug BetterBack on Kickstarter BetterBack project on Kickstarter not new ripoff of existing Nadachair product(s) Internet

Complainant91127 @ 1969-12-31

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Dakshin2010 @ 1969-12-31

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dale @ 1969-12-31

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David @ 1969-12-31

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Deb Coleman @ 2010-08-12

Kasia Organic Salon Kasia Salon, Jillian Amberg, Kassie Kuehl, Colette Grampre, Mastey, Mastey Paris, Mastey Teinture Kasia Organic Salon Uses Highly Toxic and Carcinogenic Hair Color and Misleads Consumers about Ingredients Putting Public at Great Risk I

Denise @ 2011-07-06

Swan Mountain Soaps SwanMountainSoaps Liar, thief and a complete odd duck! Internet

Denise @ 2011-07-07

SweetPetula cordeliajandco, Sweet Petula, GoodCleanDog Scam Artist, liar, failing to deliver, and pure immature owner of 3 sites on, Internet

Dhaval Jaiswal @ 1969-12-31

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Dinodirectdorks @ 1969-12-31

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Do The Right Thing. @ 1969-12-31

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Dr lee @ 2014-10-16

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E.Satyanarayana @ 1969-12-31

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echarlese @ 1969-12-31

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Eddy @ 1969-12-31

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EGoody05 @ 1969-12-31

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esoldier @ 1969-12-31

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exhitemployee007 @ 1969-12-31

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Fandango @ 2011-08-04

Helio Motorized Bicycles Kyle Craw, owner Sold a motorized bicycle as "fully assembled and tested." It arrived badly damaged and in parts. Temecula CA 92592, California

Fernuria @ 2013-12-12

Victory Tax Solutions REVIEW: Victory Tax Solutions clients, feel safe, confident & secure when doing business with Victory Tax Solutions. Victory's team of full time tax attorneys, CPA's solve all IRS, state back tax problems. Victory's mission is delive

Find It Now USA @ 2010-10-12

Estrela Marketing Solutions Ken Pollack, Email Marketing Scam/Failure to Provide Services Delray Beach, Florida

Fraud Buster @ 2010-03-29

Robbin Montero A Dream Wedding - Beware - Robin Montero will defraud you. Santa Rosa, California

funeralhomesexposed @ 1969-12-31

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GINA SALAS @ 1969-12-31

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GirlHairdo @ 2013-02-03

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hatchetman @ 2010-02-03

National Parts Search Parts SOLD ONE PRODUCT SHIPPED ANOTHER. WANTED 20% RESTOCK TO RETURN!!!! Jacksonville, Florida

Herlinda Ramirez @ 1969-12-31

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hillsoftx @ 2012-11-24

Phillips Towing Untruthful, deceptive, price gouging on insurance company. Fayetteville, North Carolina

id1 @ 1969-12-31

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Iridium @ 2014-08-06


jgl1120 @ 1969-12-31

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JL [Publisher] @ 2011-12-30

Six Figures Yearly Email is signed SCAM Misrepresenting themselves/Posing as Shulamite Publishing House, Internet

Joa @ 1969-12-31

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John A McLaren @ 1969-12-31

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john chumley @ 1969-12-31

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John Gammell @ 2015-03-24

Constant Contact - Katie Matthews, Asst. Manager Billing Stay Away - Refusal to refund EventSpot automatic debit - Terrible Customer Service Waltham Massachusetts

JP @ 2012-05-04

AMX Events AMX-ABE Events Paid with a Bad Check - Warrant Issued Austin, Texas

JSmith @ 2014-07-03

CoCreativ Tampa Joseph WarrenJason Stoll Deceptive business practices, LIARS, scams Tampa Florida

jt8389 @ 1969-12-31

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Junior @ 2014-03-03

Jon Miller Louie Frias 720 CFO Program Attention Marketing Ponzi scheme investment scam Flint Michigan

kacey @ 2012-02-08

WEALTH 4 ALL Cash accelerator Misleading and sneaky Internet

Karen @ 1969-12-31

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Ken @ 1969-12-31

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Kirk @ 2010-06-22

Estrela Marketing Solutions Adam Taub President, Took my money and sent out no emails as promised. Delray Beach, Florida

lawyer @ 2014-06-16

shea stewart designs reportd my company as a non pay st. louis Nationwide

liran @ 1969-12-31

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Lucille @ 2010-04-05

Write On Consulting Melvia Miller, Write On Consulting committed perjury to an official document with the District Attorney in Las Vegas, causing slander and defamation of character. Las Vegas, Nevada

M*G @ 2009-09-18 -, Brian Bancroft, Wemarketing, WorkEazy, Get paid fill Adforms 15 mins work from home earn as much or as little as u like. Go to become an order processor Bangkok, Internet

M1 @ 2010-01-22

dvdunlocker Beware of false claims for unlocking DVD player regional codes Internet

M3Power @ 1969-12-31

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Macujin @ 2014-01-08

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Mark @ 1969-12-31

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Mark @ 2012-06-25

Kira Willoughby Laura Gross Ebay Scam, Movie Scam Hollywood, California

Marla @ 2014-10-08

Eberwein Automotive VIN altering, fraud, corruption, theft, misrepresentation Fresno California

Marusol @ 1969-12-31

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Maureen H @ 1969-12-31

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mbfscamhelp @ 1969-12-31

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Media @ 2011-10-09

Commerce Financial, Inc. Marlo Barge/CEO M.B.A fiduciary trust - ripping client's idea Internet, Internet

meenu attri @ 1969-12-31

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Meera @ 1969-12-31

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memyselfandi @ 1969-12-31

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Michael Kukuk @ 1969-12-31

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Mike @ 2012-06-23

Mark Dunnett Mark T Dunnett, Rosewood Commercial, Weststar, Park 49 Didn't pay sub contractors, misused construction funds, I had to pay twice for services rendered by subs Chicago, Illinois

Mithat @ 2015-05-22

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Mogel007 @ 2014-05-28

Lundberg & Associates Scott LundbergE-Title Sales Pretender Trustee Forclosing Salt Lake City Utah

Murtaza kamal @ 2015-05-17

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Nichole @ 1969-12-31

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NickJames716 @ 1969-12-31

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NO NEGRI FOR ME! @ 1969-12-31

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Nobotters @ 2010-10-22

John Tenneson fratalforums Black Ops Forum Advertising Fraud - Refund Fraud unknown, Internet

Nurith @ 1969-12-31

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Oakbrooke Residents @ 1969-12-31

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OakbrookeResidents @ 2012-07-31

Bristol Management Services, Inc. Poor track record of managing property manager Jupiter, Florida

OMG R U SERIOUS @ 1969-12-31

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Patricia @ 2014-06-15

ANDIAMO ENTERPRISES INC Banking and Financial Services CORONA California

Penguin71 @ 1969-12-31

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Petro Lucre scam @ 2010-09-01

Petro Lucre Petro Lucre LLC, Turn Key Oil Petro Lucre Fraud and Turn Key Oil unethical practices Austin, Texas

philipb45 @ 1969-12-31

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Pissed_off_royal @ 2010-07-01

A&R Select Joe A&R Select Scammers Beware hollywood, California

Puneet Arya @ 1969-12-31

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Raquel B. @ 2010-02-04 Caretaker Gazette SPAM Bogus Solicitations & Endorsements Internet

Renee M. Alfieri @ 2009-09-30

WomenPartner International Jerrilynn B. Thomas, Founder WomenPartner International "Les femmes d'Influence" Skype: womenschamber Twitter: @womenpartner (229) 471-4625 I participated in

richard @ 2014-01-09

attention marketing, Inc. CFO GrantorJon Miller Jon Miller very cooperative for a short time, now very difficult to reach. Last email says they are reorganizing. Flint Michigan

RICHYMINE @ 1969-12-31

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Ripped Off @ 2012-08-06

Prentiss Zaynard, P.C. Mark Zaynard, Zaynard and Associates, P.C., J.P. Prentiss, Zaynard, Prentiss, Attorneys at Law, Colorado Attorneys, Colorado Attorneys Zaynard, Colorado Attorneys Prentiss, Mark Zaynard, pzlawyers This Company Will Breach Your Trust

robert @ 2010-10-01

John Ruberto Giovanni Ruberto, SCAM, Internet

sami_1974 @ 2014-03-11

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scammedby720 @ 2014-01-02

720cfoprogram Attention Marketing Inc. Left me responsible for business credit cards as the personal guarantor Flint Michigan

Scammerssucketh @ 2011-06-20

Orchid Blue Cosmetics OrchidBlueCosmetics Reselling Wholesale Makeup and Soap as their own products. NOT handmade as claimed. Internet

Seib Neil @ 2013-06-17

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Shane Robinson @ 1969-12-31

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The Home Loan Mart Mario Garcia Mortgage Fraud Newport Beach, California

shelf corp @ 2014-07-01

premier resource services Nicolas SAPARILIS, Kenneth Lark & Princess Caceres 321-442-6149801-655-9519,,,,, shelf corp

Sound Drive @ 2011-05-11

A&R SELECT Boutique Media, A&R Select and Le Bardot KEEP VERY FAR AWAY FROM THES RIP OFF ARTISTS A&R Select West Hollywood, California

spaggy @ 2014-01-07

Attention Marketing,Inc. 720 CFO Program 720CFO Marketing-Credit Guarantor Program-Beware! Flint Michigan

Suker Punch @ 1969-12-31

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tammy @ 2013-03-28

Elizabeth Linkel i was to purchase a 2004 honda civic xe i sent the money but didnt recieve the car Kearney, Nebraska

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The 419er Malletteer @ 1969-12-31

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Surviving Antidepressants advice given out like candy Internet

Todd954 @ 2013-07-21

INSIDE FORT LAUDERDALE DENNIS BAASCH Hack who gives better reviews to friends and those who advertise with him. Internet

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Trust_Me @ 1969-12-31

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vvvpr @ 2012-05-06

Apple Inc. How Apple Inc. exploits slave labor and misplaced customer loyalty to maintain a market cap comparable to ExxonMobil and a bank balance on par with Uncle Sam. Internet

vvvpr @ 2012-04-29

AT&T U-verse Is AT&T U-verse Serving the People Or Fleecing the Sheeple? Internet

vvvpr @ 1969-12-31

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Watrick @ 1969-12-31

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Willow Spirit Productions LLC @ 1969-12-31

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Wroger @ 2012-07-16

Lenovo If you forget your password, they tell you that the entire motherboard must be replaced at near the cost of the new laptop Internet

xgreenerx2001 @ 1969-12-31

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Diefenbaker Elementary School

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Diefenbaker Elementary School

175 Plains Road, Toronto, ON M4J 2R2, Canada
(416) 396-2350

Kimy Nail Salon

2046 Avenue Rd, North York, ON M5M 4A4, Canada
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Kimy Nail Salon

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